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Different people. Same language.

JACHIN LTD is a global company, founded in United Kingdom, that's focused in e-commerce, technology and lifestyle with a high determined purpose: to help you, the modern and stylish individual stay connected with the latest news in social/media and to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

London to

We are the living proof that common passions can bring different people together from thousands and thousands miles away.

From the lowest point in Thames river, to the tallest skyscrapper, one can spend as much or as little time as they wish exploring the many faces of London. And you can fiind interesting faces here, from all around the world.

As many other large cities with important industrial centres and big convention facilities, Bucharest is a great start for those who want to evolve along with their ideas. This is why beautiful, talented young people start their dreams from the beginning of the road and decide to design the rest of their own path.

But coming all together was just the beginning.

Our values

One of our beliefs is diversity. Both men and women, from different parts of the world, speak the same language when it comes to fashion and beauty. We love people who understand the values and the meaning of beauty and style, with all the involvements.
We love to be in trend with the lastest fashion creations and that is why our purpose is to offer you the very best products. We like to see that you stay connected with the brands you love and the stores that you adore! Fashion is a profound and critical part of the social life and it is nothing else but what is happening now. So, keep up with us!

    Team members


Along with her husband, she is the founder of Fashion Adore. Her passion for clothing and for beautiful art pieces made her dedicate her time and her continuing efforts to this world; that wasn’t enough, though. She wanted to share it with others, because she sees fashion as one of the art forms which everyone in the world takes part of. “I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality. Not only it represents our inner psyche but also restablishes our status in society, serving as language, a non-verbal communication- the only way in which a culture's beliefs and customs are passed on to another generations. So, this is true: playing dress up starts at age five and never truly ends. I believe our project was a very bold one, trying to bring people closer to the high brands they love and offer them a special personalised shopping experience".

Dan Șovu is the founder and the CEO of JACHIN LTD( the company behind Fashion Adore) and also the first one to believe in this project. Understanding the importance of future retail online fashion industry and its ascending trajectory, he decided to follow his courageous instinct and to be on his own path. “The fashion business is definitely a good environment for investors everywhere, many companies being aware of that and of the changes that took place in the consumer’s mindframe and life; we are now focused on media consumtion and its expanding place in the life of the simple man”.

Florin Sima is the Project Manager of Fashion Adore, responsible for planning and creating clear and attainable objectives for the project and he is also the closest person to the publishing and programming teams. Although responsible for building the project requirements, he is more like a software philosopher-manager, due to his skills, his extensive background in software development and his studies in Philosophy and Education. "I think every team member knows and performs his or her part of the role, feeling empowered and supported in the roles they have. We are different, but we have the courage to express our thoughts with no fear; that is good, I believe. The strongest teams have the most diverse perspectives and the company would only have benefits from this diversity, as long as we work as a team."

The youngest member of the “gang” is not always outright friendly or forthcoming, but he works surprisingly well on a team. He is an introvert when it comes to social relationships, but a very expressive “poet” when it comes to his programming world, whose code is a work of art that can be appreciated and analyzed: „ I set very high standards for myself, and my work sometimes complicates matters: a task that should take only an hour to complete might take a little more, because I like to create new tools and libraries and even reconstructing entirely new systems, all to meet my own standards”.

She is a passionate artist, with a degree in Communication and Public Relations but who chooses to communicate visually. She loves photography, handmade products and unique, stylish people. She interacts through social media and tries to find inspiration in every corner of the internet: “I am a loyal person. I encourage constructive criticism. My love for fashion grew, nourished by successful bloggers and controversial fashion designers, such as John Galiano, Viviane Westwood and Vera Wang. In terms of styling I am a “less is more” kind of gal, with an obsession for dark shades. Yet, I appreciate a little twist offered by interesting statement pieces”

A motivated and enthusiastic journalist, with experience in media due to her jobs as an associate editor for many online women magazines. Qualified both in Journalism and Mass Communication and in International Relations and European Studies, she is familiar with international environments and multi-cultural teams. Very devoted to her work, Cristina is passionate about writing and in love with fashion and beautiful people. “Stubborn, sincere, optimistic. Hate being told what to do. My best companions: courage and my sense of humour. Addicted to morning coffees, literature and tango. So, yes, you might say shoe-aholic. But no, I don’t need any help. The only cure is a new pair of shoes.”

Our Store to Adore

We created Fashion Adore- one of the few online shops where you can find thousands of middle and high ends products in an instant. Great designer houses offer their latest collections as well as special discounted items that are quite rare. It is not just the luxury products and the casual brands brought in one place, we also have a lot of exclusive features. Thus, we believe that everyone is unique in his own way. That is why we choose to be different. With us, not only can you pick and buy your favorite clothes, but also have the chance to create your own mixes and matches of clothes. This way, you can become your own fashion designer with your personal style. No one knows you better than yourself. And you know what they say: Fashion fades, only style remains the same. So, create your personal style and be who you want to be!

We called it progress

We believe in equality. Both men and women should be as beautiful and stylish as they can be.We are dressing the modern, urban women and also the brave and protective men. Each one of them is beautiful and looks great in his own shoes. But together, they are more than that. They look perfect! But the most important of all, we believe that the best resource of a company (of any kind) is the human resource. So, we believe in people. We encourage the individuals to think for themselves. Aloud. It takes a lot of courage to do that. And guess what? We adore people who dare and who have the courage to express themselves and who manage to be who they really are- as part of a large group. As part of a team. Above all, a teamwork is the secret that make common people achieve uncommon result. So, we decided that working together for you, our valuable customer, our dear fashionist, is the so called success! Don’t you find this adorable?